C-lab seminar - Andrea Vranić

On Wednesday 22nd of February in room 1.01 at 3 p.m. we will have a C-Lab seminar with Andrea Vranić from the Department of Psychology, University of Zagreb.

So far, so good: Multidimensionality of cognitive enhancement.

Cognitive enhancement is relevant for the wide range of “users” - from children with ADHD or those raised in poverty, to professionals with cognitively demanding workload, older adults with normative cognitive aging, and patients with traumatic brain injuries or neurodegenerative diseases. Not surprisingly, the brain-training industry is one of the fastest growing market branches, with the (in)effectiveness of interventions being the subject of long-standing controversies and debates. A synthesis of research from different fields suggests that the answer to the question of its efficacy requires a departure from the monolithic understanding of cognitive enhancement as a one-dimensional construct. By accepting the multidimensionality of cognitive enhancement, its efficacy can be discussed in terms of the nature of interventions, the targeted cognitive domain or process, the characteristics and individual variables of the participants, the duration of the intervention, and even the wider social acceptance of the idea of ​​possible enhancement.