C-LAB was founded in 2009
by scientists working at the Institute of Psychology.

We are all fascinated by the phenomenon of Consciousness and its role in human behavior.
We investigate a wide range of problems, including the relations between attention and consciousness,
temporal perception, subjective measures of consciousness and implicit learning.

It is all about the research.

In their work, our lab members focus on different aspects of human conscious functioning, from perception, through attention, memory, decision making, up to the concept of self.
To do that properly, we use a variety of paradigms and measures including behavioral tasks, EEG measurement, fMRI, heart-rate variability, sensory substitution or binocular rivalry.
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C-Lab was established to amplify experimental consciousness research on our University.
In our daily work we conduct behavioral, neuroimaging and clinical experiments to better understand conscious processes.


Our members are also actively passing on their knowledge to university students during lectures, seminars and workshops.


We undestand how important it is to get science outside of academia. Through open internet courses, magazine articles or lessons for schools we are trying to bring knowledge about the mind closer to the general public.

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