C-lab seminar - Dunja Paunovic

On Wednesday 14th of December we will have a C-Lab seminar with Dunja Paunovic from Institute for Medical Research, University of Belgrade.

Towards understanding the neural underpinnings of Associative Memory: A tES-EEG study.

Associative memory (AM) represents a neurophysiologically relevant mnemonic function defined as an ability to bind unrelated information into meaningful units and encode them as distinct memories. Studies show that implementation of tES to modulate AM performance in systematic manner while observing subject’s brain rhythms and behavior could provide more insight into functional organization of memory. During this talk I will present a study aiming to capture modulation potential of AM performance when tailoring the stimulation protocols to the individual brain rhythms. By matching the stimulation frequency to the frequency of each subject’s AM task induced electrophysiological activity in theta spectrum (4-8 Hz), two types of personalized oscillatory protocols were developed and administered alongside the constant tDCS and a sham condition in the single-blind cross-over experiment. AM performance is measured by recall and recognition ability on two paired-associate tasks. In this talk I will discuss (un)detected effects on behavioral measures and potentially draw parallels between paradigms used in this study, and the paired-associate paradigm developed for the ongoing NeuralArchCon COST Action.