C-lab seminar - Daniel Bor

On Friday, the 1st of December at 9:30 we will have a C-Lab seminar with Daniel Bor from the University of Cambridge. The meeting will take place in Collegium Ĺšniadeckiego on Kopernika Street 27.

Exploring Consciousness and cognition via information theory

Consciousness is one of the greatest mysteries remaining in biology. Open questions include how the brain supports this process, and what the links between consciousness and cognition are. Here I will describe how methods from information theory, applied to neuroimaging data, can shed new light on both of these questions. I will describe how the complexity of the neural signal is related to the level of consciousness, and can be a tool to investigate its connection with cognition. I will also focus on ways to split information in the brain into different components, particularly redundant information (where two parts carry the same information), and synergistic information (where information is more than the sum of its parts). I will show that synergistic information is more connected to consciousness, and more linked to higher cognitive function.