Connecting perspectives in cognitive (neuro)science

Szczyrk, 18th to 22th of April, 2024

We kindly invite You to participate in the 14th Scientific Meeting of the Consciousness Lab.

The 2024 meeting provides an excellent opportunity to present the results of various research projects conducted in the Lab and other collaborating units within our extensive network. During the event, we will discuss theories and new approaches in cognitive neuro/science and related constructs, as well as research methodology and statistics. Additionally, the meeting aims to broaden scientific insights into our research field by embracing an interdisciplinary perspective. Furthermore, the meeting offers a chance for networking among experts, facilitating valuable collaborations and providing an opportunity to receive constructive feedback from experts. We invite all Consciousness Lab members, affiliates, collaborators, as well as researchers interested in the topic to participate.

We invite to participate all Consciousness Lab members, affiliates, collaborators as well as all researchers interested in the topic.

Hotel Halo Szczyrk, ul. Wrzosowa 21, 43-370 Szczyrk

25th of Januray to 15th of February
Total cost:
950/1500 pln depending on accommodation option
Conference Committee:
Paweł Orłowski, Aleksander Zębrowski, Michał Bola, Michał Wierzchoń (chair)


  • Julia Papiernik - Visual field asymmetries and the organization of V1
  • Paweł Motyka & Michał Gacka - Mapping the space of altered states of consciousness & cybernetic hallucinations in VR
  • Wiktoria Orłowska & Renate Rutiku - Introducing the LAG of consciousness
  • Piotr Litwin - Locating the Rubber Hand Illusion in a multidimensional body ownership space
  • Borysław Paulewicz - A calculus of tasks


  • Agnieszka Wykowska -Social Cognition in Human-Robot Interaction
  • Davide De Tommaso -  Artificial Scaffolding: Augmenting Social Cognition by Means of Robot Technology
  • Mateusz Woźniak & Ilkay Ari - Sense of Agency in Human-Robot Interaction
  • Roksana Markiewicz & Giulia Siri - Synergies of Joint Action and Executive Function in Human-Human and Human-Robot Interaction
  • Serena Marchesi - Understanding Humans and Robots: Social Cognition and Human-Robot Interaction
  • Ann Anzulewicz - From Labs to Boardrooms (or Garages): A Curious Incident of a Scientific Mind in the Business World


  • Kinga Ciupińska & Ziggy O’reilly - Attribution of Morality Towards Humanoid Robots and Artificial Systems
  • Bartosz Majchrowicz - Helplessness, effort, and sense of agency
  • Łucja Doradzińska - Complexity as a measure and theory of consciousness
  • Marek Binder - Is the time's flow an illusion?
  • Urszula Górska-Klimowska - Where is the brain losing the sense of self?