Role of fronto-parietal network in dynamics of consciousness.

Research method that will be primarily used in a proposed project is EEG recording on healthy subjects while they perform a backward masking task. All experiments will use a backward masking paradigm. In first experiment analyses in terms of change (different response compared to the one given in a previous trial) will be important. The second experiment will manipulate the feedback validity whereas the third one the attentional cue. In each experiment consciousness will be probed with perceptual awareness scale. EEG data will be analysed in terms of event-related potentials which will allow a comparison with the previous research. Moreover, analysis in time-frequency domain and connectivity analysis will be performed. This method will help to establish functional active connection in consciousness and decision-making process, and the dynamics of information flow in experimental conditions. Planned experiments are next and important step in revealing the neural correlates of consciousness. Applied research strategy will allow more precise answer to the question of fronto-parietal network in consciousness. Pioneering nature of this project is reflected in analysing consciousness from the perspective of decision-making process. Moreover, the connectivity measures will be applied that allow to asses direction of the information flow between particular brain areas in consciousness. This method will allow a deeper insight into dynamics of neuronal mechanism of consciousness and broader application of connectivity measures, not yet frequently used in the consciousness EEG research.