Call for a Post-doc at our Lab

Open position for a postdoc researcher at the Consciousness Lab, Institute of Psychology, Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

The c-lab team is looking for a motivated new team member to join us on the quest for consciousness! The project aims to investigate the neural correlates of consciousness (NCC) in a novel manner by combining cutting-edge structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a broad range of behavioural paradigms targeted at capturing the individual conscious experience (e.g., threshold perception, perceptual illusions, bistability and metacognition). We are first and foremost looking for a person with a strong background in MRI, particularly in structural, resting state and DTI analysis The principal investigator of the project is prof. Michał Wierzchoń. The project is held in international cooperation within SkuldNet and the leader of the consortium, prof. Kristian Sandberg.

Offer Requirements

  • REQUIRED EDUCATION LEVEL: PhD or equivalent (candidates close to obtaining their PhD are also welcome, but they have to obtain the PhD before signing the contract)


  • Documented early career in neurobiology, health science, biomedical engineering, cognitive psychology or related fields (relevant scientific publications, conference presentations, research collaborations)
  • Strong experience with MRI data acquisition and analysis (using SPM, FSL, etc.)
  • Good command of quantitative research methods and statistical analysis
  • Prior experience in conducting psychological experiments will be an advantage (as documented by publication/conference participation record)
  • Interest in (and some degree of familiarity with) consciousness research will be an advantage

Job description: Coordination of the research project and data analysis in collaborations with other team members (with a particular emphasis on all things related to MRI), communication with external collaborators, project reporting, preparation of publications and conference presentations.

Post duration: The appointment is for 24 months. Estimated salary c.a. 6500 PLN (c.a. 1500 EUR) netto with additional benefits. For a sense of costs of living in Krakow, you can check HERE.

Required documents:

  1. Research CV including, in particular:
    • list of publications
    • description of other research achievements
    • list of awards for research achievements
    • description of competencies aligned with the abovementioned responsibilities
    • cover letter
    • additional documents required formally by the university (available upon request)
  2. References will be asked upon invitation to interview.

For further enquiries on the post candidates should contact Michał Wierzchoń: michal.wierzchon at

To Apply: Please submit all the required documents to Michał Wierzchoń (michal.wierzchon at

Application deadline: Aug, 9th 2020