C-lab meeting - Sensory substitution as an experimental philosophy device

Next C-lab meeting will be on Monday 3rd of December at 13:15 in the room 5.01 on 6 Ingardena Street. The invited speaker is Konrad Werner from Institute of Philosophy at University of Warsaw with the presentation titled “Sensory substitution as an experimental philosophy device”. The abstract of the presentation is below.

“Sensory substitution as an experimental philosophy device”
In my talk I shall characterize a movement that has become the most recent source of friction in the area of meta-philosophy; I mean the project of experimental philosophy (XPhi). It draws on a tacit assumption that philosophical beliefs held by non-philosophers are comparable to those articulated by professional philosophers. It is not clear, though, whether or not these two groups of beliefs have the same logical and cognitive status. Namely, I dwell on the distinction between de re and de dicto beliefs as applied to this specific issue. Moreover, it is not clear, as a matter of fact, what the terms “philosophers” and “non-philosophers” mean, and to whom they refer. I shall address the mentioned problems in one specific context: based on my own, unfortunately very scarce, experience in investigating the phenomenon of sensory substitution, I am dedicated to unveiling the latter’s enormous philosophical potential when approached from the XPhi perspective.