Spatio-temporal dynamics of spontaneous brain networks in different states of consciousness

Invited talk by dr MichaƂ Bola, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of Polish Academy of Sciences

What is the role of spontaneous brain activity? While resting-state activity is sometimes considered to reflect neural noise, ample evidence suggests that it plays an important role in perception, cognition, and behaviour. Indeed, spontaneous brain activations are not random and noise-like, but rather exhibit highly structured spatial patterns. This is also true for the temporal dimension, as there is a growing body of evidence that over time the brain spontaneously explores a finite number of reoccurring patterns/states, which likely have a specific functional role. In my talk I will present an ongoing work aimed to characterise the spatial and temporal patterns of spontaneous brain activity in different states of consciousness.

The talk will take place at 1.15 in room 2.04, Ingardena 6