Cognitive and neuronal mechanisms of metacognitive awareness – new research funding

C-lab meeting with a presentation by Michał Wierzchoń & Marta Siedlecka

The goal of the project is to determine cognitive and neural mechanisms of metacognitive awareness that allows participants to assess the content of their memory and perception. Recently two broad theoretical frameworks for understanding awareness have gained popularity and empirical support: evidence accumulation model and information integration model. We assume that the predictions of these models are not mutually exclusive and can explain different aspects of metacognitive awareness formation. Having integrated the results of studies on consciousness, decision-making and performance monitoring (crucial for metacognitive judgments) we pose three research questions: (1) what is the role of evidence accumulation in metacognitive awareness; (2) what types of information are integrated in the process of metacognitive awareness formation; and (3) whether the mechanisms responsible for metacognitive awareness are different for visual awareness and awareness of memory content.

More about the new research project can be found in the “Projects” section of this website.