Cognitive and Neural Correlates of Consciousness

Lancokorona, 21st to 25th of October, 2021

We kindly invite You to participate in the 12th Scientific Meeting of the Consciousness Lab.

The 2021 meeting will allow us to present results of various research projects carried out in the Lab and in other units involved in our broad collaboration network. During the meeting, we will discuss theories of consciousness and other related constructs as well as the research methodology and statistics. The additional goal of the meeting is to expand scientific insight into our research field by adapting an interdisciplinary (philosophical, psychological, neuroscientific) perspective.

We invite to participate all Consciousness Lab members, affiliates, collaborators as well as all researchers interested in the topic.

Willa Zamek, Zamkowa 24, 34-143 Lanckorona

1st of September to 1st of October
Total cost:
480 pln
Conference Committee:
Justyna Hobot, Marcin Koculak, Michał Wierzchoń (chair)
Confirmed speakers:
prof. Przemysław Bąbel, prof. Marek Binder, dr Elżbieta Anita Bajcar, dr Aleksander Nitka, dr Marta Łukowska, dr Stefanie Meeuwis, dr Borysław Paulewicz, dr Marek Pędziwiatr, dr Michal Polák, dr Renate Rutiku, dr Marta Siedlecka, dr Zuzanna Skóra, Helena Bieniek, Justyna Brączyk, Leon Ciechanowski, Łucja Doradzińska, Nastia Ruban
To be announced