IX Cracow Cognitive Science Conference

IX Cracow Cognitive Science Conference

21 Apr 2017

This weekend Michał Wierzchoń, Marcin Koculak, Urszula Górska, Zuzanna Skóra, Monika Derda, Bartosz Majchrowicz, Justyna Hobot and Simon Del Pin from C-LAB are going to give talks during the IX Cracow Cognitive Science Conference. The topics are:

  • Special lecture by Dr hab. Michał Wierzchoń (Między “czytaniem umysłu” a introspekcją – kilka słów o pomiarze świadomości) [Between “mind reading” and introspection – few words about measuring consciousness]
  • Marcin Koculak, Neural correlates of unconsciousness – evidence from resting-state paradigms
  • Urszula Górska, Processing of auditory textures in human cortex can distinguish states of consciousness
  • Zuzanna Skóra, The role of attention in subjective accessibility of memory representation
  • Monika Derda, Role of front-parietal networks in dynamics of consciousness
  • Bartosz Majchrowicz, Action awareness in health and disease
  • Justyna Hobot, Looking for consciousness with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
  • Simon Del Pin, Challenging the Partial Awareness Hypothesis: Weak conscious experience appears semantic in nature